Music: Flaxo's Gigantic Young the Giant Remix

Flaxo is a man of technical prowess when it comes to production. I had the pleasure of sitting with the man himself for an hour during his production class in San Francisco and trust me when I say this man knows what he is doing when it comes to producing music. Flaxo released his latest project, a Young the Giant remix, and it is HUGE. This remix not only blends the worlds of electronic and alternative music but also fills the room with energy. Listen to the track below and read more about the remix.

Young the Giant - Mind Over Matter (Flaxo Remix)

I haven't heard many Young the Giant remixes but when Flaxo's popped up on my Facebook newsfeed, I knew I had to take a listen. This remix accomplishes two important things that a remix should: 

  1. Keeps the tone of the original track. This is crucial because if a "remix" just takes a piece of the original track you might as well call the track sampled rather than a remix.
  2. Without taking away from the context of the original track, Flaxo adds his own sound and production to the track.

Now, before Flaxo got a hold of this track it already had a lot of energy to it. What Flaxo did was he added his signature bass sounds, breaks, and arrangements to give the track a new life. This remix is essentially a mirrored image of the track that is flipped and re-upholstered. (And it works!) Not many artists can do that effectively.

Too often we hear remixes that take the original track to the "drop" and then just random noise from the remixer. The reason I want to feature Flaxo's remix is because I feel it can be a great example of remixing done right. I mean look below how he talks about his fondness for Young the Giant and the track.


This is a note to myself and other aspiring producers:

Make tracks that you have feeling for and serve a purpose. What is it worth if it stands for nothing?