Music: Jefr Tale feat. Louise Rademakers "500 Miles"

500 Miles is the title of the latest track from Jefr Tale and Louise Rademaker but also is the title of the Proclaimer's hit from 1988. Jefr Tale is not a well-known, world renowned DJ duo however the producers will be after the world hear's their latest remake of 500 Miles.

jefr tale

Who makes up Jefr Tale?

Jefr Tale is not a very well represented duo on the internet. Jefr and J Declan come from Boston, MA and have seemed to be rocking festivals along with Burning Man for awhile. While they are not as popular as artists like Knife Party, the two do have a strong following online. A lot of their shows center around festivals and it looks like the two are most proud of their Burning Man shows. That is actually where the first recorded demo of this 500 Miles remix was played, 2014 Burning Man. 

I first heard the track on Sirius XM's BPM station back in November. The minute Ben Harvey played that track the world went searching for that track, myself included. All anyone could come across were Facebook comments and mixes featuring the track. The best people could do was rip it off from a mix. Then on December 19th, Jefr Tale released the track on Spotify for the world to enjoy. Below is the link where you can hear the track.

I really appreciate Jefr Tale for coming out into the limelight a bit because these dudes aren't some over night stars. The have played from bars to Ultra and have worked an extensive career in music and DJing. These two really deserve the rewards that come with having success with a track like 500 Miles. I give Jefr Tale my stamp of approval and recommendation to check out their music. 





You can purchase "500 Miles" on iTunes which comes with the original mix and acoustic version for $1.99.