Routine: Abayomi’s Push Performance + Walkthrough

If you have ever played around with an Ableton Push, you know that it is a device capable of an infinite amount of things. Ableton not only is great for creating such a comprehensive device but their routines always tend to come with some sort of tutorial or walkthrough so that you can work through an artist’s performance at home to learn new tips and techniques when it comes to your own productions.

Check out this recent routine video by Jesse Abayomi aka Zone3 performing his track, “Chemistry.” In this performance, Abayomi uses drum racks, Max for Live effects, and the Max for Live August synthesizer to create an electric bass track. Watch his performance and walk through his set-up below.

The Skeleton of Abayomi’s Performance

After producing the track in Ableton, Abayomi wanted to take his written track and chop it into pieces that can easily be performed using the Push controller.

  • The basis of any well written track is the drums, which he created using custom samples and arranged them to be found easily within a drum rack. On the controller itself, Abayomi had the record quantize feature On with about 30% swing to the mix which gave a groove to anything that was quantized.
  • Next was building a melody which was done by using an acapella that was chopped up into a drum rack. This is common practice, used by artists such as Feed Me and Skrillex, is a great way to add a unique melody without using a specific instrument or chords. This also allows the melody to be finger drummed and step sequenced.
  • As for the Max for Live August synthesizer, Abayomi uses an arpeggiator and chord effects to create dynamic and powerful chords using only one note.
  • The last notable function that Abayomi brings into his project is the MultiMap device. This Ableton device allows the user to map several different parameters to one knob or button allowing Abayomi to essentially create a buildup effect using one specific knob. Abayomi’s build-up knob is a great example of what we want to see in the DJTT One Button MIDI Mapping Contest!                                             

Abayomi’s routine further demonstrates the live performance capabilities of the Push device. The Ableton Push is a great device for the seasoned producer to be more efficient and for the beginner to learn how to use Ableton with a device that they can grow with. You can pick one up in the DJTT store now and get started on your production career.