Music: Gostan's Jazzy House Track Feat. President Kennedy

It is not every day that someone thinks, "You know what would make a great backing sample for my track? A speech!" Gostan is a chill house producer from France who released a music video for his track, "Klanga", which came out in December 2014. I came across De Hofnar's remix today which inspired me to look into the original track which is an excellent representation of emotion and life that lies within house music. 

Creating Emotion Through Speech

Klanga features a very prominent sample that backs the whole track and creates a solid foundation for the emotion of the song. President John F. Kennedy can be heard in the back ground giving his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” Speech. (June 26, 1963) This speech was given in Berlin after nearly two years since the Berlin Wall was constructed. John F. Kennedy commends Berliners for their spirit and dedication to democracy in Germany. This was also an iconic moment where the United States showed support for West Germany.

Klanga is an ode to that speech and Gostan's sampling of the speech creates a sense of pride and motivation that transforms the track from a simple house beat into an anthem for peace and democracy. This may all sound like I grabbing at straws but I thoroughly believe that without this speech, this track would not be as moving and powerful. You can watch the music video below which adds even more emotion to the track.