I am so happy to announce that my first official Dean William EP is now available to download today! This UK/world-wide release is a great milestone for me. This piece of work is the first thing that really makes me feel solid about what I am making as a producer. Not to say my other work is bad but this stuff is where it's at. From trap to progressive house, this is the Dean William koala music sound that drives me to create music and continue to share it with you all!

Official cover of the most koalafied EP.

Official cover of the most koalafied EP.

This EP is for all those who enjoy pretty melodies and bass. Those kids that go out to rave and just have a good time. No hostility. No prejudice. We just want to listen to great music and have a good time. That is what Dean William is all about. It is about making music that is just about having a good time and being emotional. We will cry together, we will laugh together, we will make bad decisions together. We are one koala family. <3

I just want to say thank you to all who have supported me, those who will support me, and those who continue to support me. This music is all made possible because of you all however, our koala bungalow is pretty close knit. I ask that you share this with your friends and get them to  become koalas. (I mean koalas are literally drunk all day and NO ONE judges them, thus living the life.) We are a family and we will grow together. I know it. 

You can download the full EP in MP3 or WAV here. <3
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