Music: Oliver Heldens' "Return of the Mack" Revival

Oliver Heldens had one hell of a 2014 and he is coming into 2015 with a nice surprise. To understand his latest remix featuring Lady Bee and Rochelle, we must travel back to 1996 to the release of Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison. 

Mark Morrison was one of the most influential rappers of the 90's and he is the rapper of the iconic song, Return of the Mack. The track is an ode to being a player and living a flashy style which made it a great party song that was playing from every hip-hop DJs turntables. 

Now Oliver Heldens got a hold of a cover of the track by Lady Bee ft. Rochelle and released it for free on his Soundcloud about an hour ago. This track is phenomenal because it accomplishes the need for Mark Morrison in our lives and it has that deep house taste of Oliver Heldens. The track is linked below and listen to it for a great time escape to when cartoons were amazing while it was perfectly acceptable to own a pair of baggy jeans.