Production: Avid's Pro Tools Soon to be Free

Avid's Pro Tools is one of the industry standards when it comes to music production, especially hip-hop, and overall audio editing. Walk into any audio production house and they will most likely have a copy of Pro Tools ready to use. Pro Tools has been a choice for many producers over the year and has gained a strong following. However, like most DAWs, Pro Tools comes with a price tag of $699, or at least it did. 

Avid announced at their NAMM booth yesterday that the company will be releasing  Pro Tools® | Firsta free version of the industry standard Pro Tools. This free software is meant to be a way for people to get into music production without being held back by the investment that is usually needed to get started.

Avid wants to have Pro Tools available everywhere in order to bring music production to everyone across the globe. If you have never used Pro Tools, it is adaptable and easy to learn for a total beginner. On the same hand it is versatile and can be used by seasoned producers who know their way around a DAW. 

As of now, it is heard to see what the limitations of the free version of Pro Tools First but it is still a DAW that is free. I am assuming their will be VST functionality and a basic timeline to edit audio in. (Basically all you need to get started) That being said, it is perfect for people looking to just get their feet wet and if they are inspired to the point where they grow out of the free version, they are already acclimated to a DAW that they can then go out and purchase, knowing that they will already have a handle on the workflow. 

Check out Pro Tools First on Avid's website for more information.