Music: Madeon You're On Remixes

Madeon is the wonder-kid that every producer wishes to be like (or at least I do). Since his rise to fame in 2011, the producer has done a couple tours, released a few singles, and slaved away at his debut album. So far only two tracks have been released, which are both great by the way, "You're On" and "Imperium." The track that really caught my attention is "You're On" because the track is the perfect balance of funk and bass. The track itself features lyrics performed by Kyan that paint a romantic picture to the track. To get a feel for the original track, watch the music video below.

Gramatik's Remix

Gramatik is a master of hip-hop, glitch electronic sounds that hold the funkiest of grooves. What Gramatik brings to the track is more soul through drums and sampling of the original track. This remix is definitely for people who enjoy soul music that makes you want to move your body and clap your hands to the beat.

Alex Metric's Remix

Alex Metric is a wonderful creator of electropop and house sounds. This remix is very progressive and samples only portions of the chorus and bridge of the original vocals of the track. The rest of the remix is peppered with house sounds and a building chord progression. This mix is definitely one that I would play in a club and it has a slightly more seductive attitude to it, making it even better. 

Oliver's Remix

Oligee and U-Turn make up the duo Oliver bringing us a more jazzy soul remix that has an old school RnB feel to it. Don't let the slower tempo of the mix fool you. This Fool's Gold remix is going to make you bop your head and give you the urge to grab someone for a dance. Alex's remix was seductive but this remix is 36-22-36 sexy.