Skrillex Has A Message For 2015

Skrillex is an iconic face of electronic music and is no stranger to being different from the typical progressive house/big room cookie cutters. That's why we love him. Skrillex is different, weird, and doesn't give a fuck about what's popular. (Pardon my French.) 

At a show on December 28th he gave a small speech that you can tell came from his heart. I don't want to spoil the speech for you because it is honestly nothing short of being absolutely beautiful. However, I will concur with Skrillex. Electronic music is a movement that brings people together. Whether you're white, black, yellow, or purple, when you go to a show, club, or party, you go to have a good time and listen to music. It is all about spreading positivity and love. I'll let Skrillex take it from here.

I can never get on board with the whole PLUR movement and sharing beads however those kids do share a great concept: Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.

Let's spread the positivity in 2015.