EDM and Updates from the Koala

Hello all!

I haven't wrote on this ol' blog of mine in awhile and that makes me really sad to be honest. It would be nice to say that is because I am going to school, working 30 hours a week, and doing stupid adult stuff but I don't want a cop-out. It is crappy that I haven't written in minute so here is a new post and hopefully the end of a quiet period.

What brings me here today is an update about the music I am into recently and what you can expect in the future from the Koala. As you may know, I host a radio show titled Eat. Drink. Music. (EDM for short) on KUSF.org. That is where I play music that I think is boppable and what connects with my musical soul. While the show is centered around music I like I hope to open ears to new music that they may not of heard otherwise. A majority of the music I play is electronic (whatever that means) but from time to time you will hear a different genre such as alternative or indie. Take a listen every Wednesday from 8-9 PM PST. You won't regret it!

In addition to my radio show I have become more involved with KUSF as the production director. What that means is that I am making a lot of promos and editing shows to be archived. This is awesome because I get to work with a lot of talented DJs and my musical horizon is expanding. However, I am noticing my time spent finishing songs of my own is very limited. Nonetheless, I am continuing to try and make new songs. Starting in April, I will begin to release one song, remix, or edit a month. I know that is not a lot of content but, at this stage of my life, it is honestly really hard to do what I love. In time, I will be able to focus on the things that I love and make more content for you generous people who listen! To get to point B you have to start from point A. Even though the journey has just begun, we will be there soon!

As a token of my gratitude, I want to show you all a track that I had A LOT of influence on. (I'll let you all figure out what that means.) This is a chill tropical house track from a VERY close friend of mine, Sutro. Enjoy the sounds of wave music.

I have to get back to stupid adult stuff but I wanted to make splash again. I will be back soon and be sure to let me know you are listening! We are a family of Koalas as our portrait suggests below. 

Koala Fam.jpg

Much Love,