Music: Deadmau5's 9 Minute "Drop the Poptart" Edit

Deadmau5 is currently settling well into his new home in rural Canada while also gearing up for his new tour. I don't know much about the new tour besides that it is going to be amazing. I am paraphrasing Joel here but he said something along the lines of, "I am done making money. This production is about pushing limits and connecting with my fans. Not selling tickets." 

I guarantee shows will sell out either way but I am glad to see that he is putting an insane amount of effort into his music and show production. (I'm not really surprised by that though.) As part of creating an awesome show he needs to create awesome music. Today I found this 9 minute edit of a song he produced for Colleen D'Agostino. They worked together on his latest album, While 1<2, and their chemistry is innate. The full 9 minute edit is below and it is just fitting that the music channel also uses a Koala as part of their branding.