Music: Porter Robinson Gives a Touch to Nero's "The Thrill"

Nero is making a comeback in 2015 with a brand new album that is due to drop soon. However, before an artist drops an album, they have to release a kick-ass single. Then, if the stars align, Porter Robinson will sprinkle his magic production style over the track. That is what happened today boys and girls.


If you haven't heard "The Thrill" go listen to it first. Nero is a great band in their own right and I am stoked just for their comeback. When I heard Porter Robinson dropped a remix today, that was all the icing on the cake. (I am beyond stoked.) 

This remix features the classic Porter style that we found in his older remixes but you can clearly hear his new "Worlds" sound on the track. For long time fans, this will bring back some memories of young Porter while newer fans will get a taste of "Worlds" along with a production style they haven't heard before. Everyone wins. 

Definitely watch iTunes and cop Nero's album which will also feature this legendary remix.