Daily Track: "Rainbow by Modestep and The Partysquad"

A new project I am going to do to keep everything flowing on this blog is a Daily Track segment. This will be a quick taste of what I am listening to right now and I will provide three reasons why I think a track is bopable and why you should give it a tasty lick. Here's to the first! *lifts champagne*

May 5th 2015.jpg

Modestep is gearing up to release their second album, London Road, on May 25th. Rainbow is the latest single from that album and it is a keeper. This electronic band has always had my attention because I appreciate a band over a single DJ headliner any day. It takes a totally different level of understanding to be in a band and when you add the complications of electronic music, you have swooned me. This isn't only a good track because of the name attached to it. These are the following reasons why is it bopable:

  1. The reggae vibe that is pushed into the front of the track is done very tastefully. You have the nice intro melody complimented by a catchy Jamaican vocal. The break is pretty funk is well.  Rainbow!
  2. The second theme I feel in the track is the build-ups which have this pseudo-hardstyle vibe. When those builds come in, I am immediately pulled into this hodgepodge of reggae and hard electronic synths.
  3. The general feeling of the track gives you a sense of hope. "Is that a rainbow?" is repeated throughout the verses and it provokes wonderment in the listener. (At least I feel pumped and ready when I listen to it, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. )

You can listen to the full track below and be sure to cop the album on the 25th!