Daily Track: "Imposter feat. Mark Johns by Bearson"

Bearson popped on the bopable radar last fall with his catchy, emotion-filled, remix of James Bay. I have heard a few more remixes to come from this talented dude, but the track is what made me go, "Woah". To some, this may sound like typical pop, future sounds but I find this track to be uber bopable. Follow me. 

  1. This track moves really quickly and Bearson cuts to the chase by 39 seconds into the piece. I always appreciate tracks that get right to the point of the track, BUT do not go straight into the "drop". Artists are making art through music, not energy filled emotionless novelty. 
  2. The track is a great blend of atmospheric verses and breaks along with the high energy melody of the chorus. One, this is great because it brings a listener on a ride and gives them a reason to dance or throw their hands up in air. Two, this goes with the lyrics which talk about being fake and misleading. The juxtaposition leaves the listener to decide what is real.
  3. From a production stand point, this is really well mixed. Bearson has a lot of elements that have the potential of competing with each other, but he has mixed it in such a way that gives every little piece a bit of the spotlight which translates into eargasms. 

Bop your head below to the sounds of the bear.