Daily Track: "Lords of Summer (The Glitch Mob Remix) by Metallica"

I never thought I would talk about Metallica on this blog, but the world works in mysterious ways. Metallica is a great band for multiple reasons which I am not experienced enough to mention. I am not a metal fan however if I wanted to hear a metal song remixed, The Glitch Mob would be the only band I could think of who could do it. Here are three reasons why this track works and is bopable x100 (i.e. head banger):

  1. Metal is a unique genre and Metallica is a founder of the whole genre. I am not a metal head so I can't speak to their greatness but any metal fan can contest that Metallica is the Elvis Presley of the genre. What is great about this remix is that it translates metal to a whole different audience that might as otherwise be uninterested. 
  2. One does not simply remix Metallica. If Tiesto came out with a Metallica remix, I would listen to a vocal of James Hetfield used in a progressive house drop. (That is not a remix!) Instead, we hear The Glitch Mob who, arguably, are a metalesque electronic music band. Their hard bass sounds and glitchy melodies work perfectly with the Metallica framework. It is like Thelma and Louise. 
  3. This remix is much needed for any Glitch Mob fan. These dudes are constantly on tour and enjoying a life with their families while pursuing other hobbies. Thus, music making isn't always at the forefront, but I am an impatient, entitled fan who needs new material! Therefore, this song is refreshing and distracts from all the cookie cutter tracks I hear on Soundcloud. 

You can listen to the head banger below and be sure to catch The Glitch Mob on tour this summer.