Daily Track: "Arrow by Stone Fox"

Yesterday was all about raging. Today I want to chill out and show some love to Stone Fox, an up and coming indie band from Melbourne. Australia is a great place to find amazing music and these kids live up to that stereotype. This track Arrows has an XX feel to it with more bass and variety. Here is why it is bopable even though it isn't your standard 128 BPM banger. 

  1. This song will take you on a journey. It starts as an XX song which means it is slow, but full of vibes. By the end of it, you will be dancing and shaking your head. The progression is, well, like an arrow. There is a lot of tension being built up and when it is released, it is with force.
  2. This band definitely gives off impression of being a bit different. If one of the members were to have their solo career, I feel they wouldn't do as well. However, this trio seems to have a good sense of how they should sound and they use their sound to tell a story.
  3. The lyrics are poetic and beautiful. They fill your heart full of hope, making you optimistic to see another day. There is also a juxtaposition between the two vocalist which adds a great sense of emotion and inter-connectivity.

All I have else to say is listen to Stonefox and watch out for when they play at a festival near you.