Daily Track: "FFYL by Quinn"

Hip-hop is like the girl back home who is always there when I visit or am feeling lonely in the middle of the night, I started producing hip-hop as a young producer, but since falling in love with electronic music, I don't pay attention to the genre anymore. However, Quinn popped up on my radar and was a feature in EDM #20. Quinn reminds me of Chance the Rapper with his sound however he is a little more RnB than Chance. Think Cocoa Butter Kisses. That's Quinn.

Here is why the track is bopable and you should follow Quinn:

  1. First and foremost, the beat production is solid. The melodies compliment Quinn's voice and isn't the standard trap beat that is running the rap game right now. The beat is more tropical with a little peppering of that iconic 808.
  2. Quinn is more poetic than most rappers I am used to hearing in the circuit. Personally, I enjoy the poetry more than the banger lyrics. (The banger lyrics do have their place though!) If we continue to compare Quinn to Chance, his lyricism is of a similar palette.
  3. Who doesn't love a classic "the one who got away" song? We all have that girl/guy who we take for granted and are heart broken when they are no longer interested. Love is but a crazy game and sometimes we lose because we are foolish.

Check out Quinn below and turn the subs up for this one. The track above is number 4 off of his free Change of Scenery EP.