Daily Track: "Rain Drops (Luca Lush Remix) by SNBRN feat. Kerli"

I am spending my summer in San Francisco so the chances of catching a sunburn are slim to none. Therefore, I have to go out and get my dose of Vitamin D somewhere and what better place than SNBRN's Soundcloud! This track is an original remixed by the future aficionado Luca Lush, who has been featured on my radio show a handful of times. From the first remix of his that I heard I was hooked and here is why my current fix is this SNBRN remix:

  1. First of all, we have to give credit to SNBRN for the original track. What I really like about SNBRN is that his moniker describes his music in such a way that a person  can live vicariously through the music. The tropical sounds and chords make me imagine that I am on a beach somewhere having a party as the sun sets. Being in San Francisco, I visit this fantasy A LOT.
  2. Luca Lush is a futuristic producer however he diversified himself in this track which I always encourage producers to do. Once a producer gets good at one genre, they tend to stay there and the music almost becomes automated. However, producers who diversify, like Luca Lush, will find a totally different sound that people will enjoy. I personally enjoy the tail end of the track when it jumps into that break beat, old school electronica sound.
  3. The remix accomplishes that nice balance of originality and authenticity. Remixes are interpretations, not edits. This remix sounds like Luca Lush was sitting in SNBRN's studio using his gear, which is what a remix should essentially sound like! 

Luca Lush's sensational SNBRN remix is below. Be sure to keep an eye on both of these producers.