Daily Track: "Vibe Walk by Break Science (Tycho x Kendrick Lamar)"

This track came out a while ago and it has been in a heavy rotation through out my sets. Break Science is a duo out of Brooklyn who have a unique take on production. One dude plays the ivory keys while another creates a breakbeat rhythm on drums. (Live performance > CDJs) The dudes have a one-of-kind style and that style comes through in their mashup of Tycho's A Walk and Kendrick Lamar's Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe. Here is why you should download this ASAP:

  1. Both Kendrick and Tycho are masters of their art, respectively. This is a collision between hip-hop and electronica that works oh so well. Think of the first time peanut-butter was put with jelly and how that must have been a great taste bud orgasm. The same thing will happen to your ears.
  2. Break Science goes beyond taking the vocals of BDKMY and laying them over Tycho's track. This mashup is a full production that had many hands on it in the making, including a guest guitar spot by E.D. Coomes. That alone is enough to disregard any preconceived notions one may have about mashups before even listening to this one.
  3. The track is a nice blend of atmosphere and bass which does wonders on the mind. The name doesn't lie. This track is literally a walk of vibes. The reason I play this track in my sets and on my radio show is because it is one people can sing along with AND just lay back to enjoy. When I start this track my eyes close and my head begins to bop back and forth.

The track is pure gold and I am excited to see what Break Science comes out with next. Listen to Vibe Walk below and follow these awesome dudes on Soundcloud.