Daily Track: "Wild Frontier (KillSonik Remix) by The Prodigy"

You know what I love? Listening to a song where the lyrics are so simple I can just scream them at the top of my lungs. Rock verses are great for this because you scream the lyrics and then an awesome guitar solo hits. Well, I am not much of a rock guy, but I am into electronic music which is why I chose KillSonik's remix of The Prodigy as today's Daily Track. This song has a lot going on so let's delve into why it's bopable. 

  1. The track has a drum and bass vibe to it mixed with glitch sounds. The result is a high energy song that makes a person want to rage. I am currently listening to the track as I write this and I want to get up and dance. My heart rate rises due the screeching synths and the fast rhythm. High Energy = Good Times
  2. The lyrics, as fore mentioned, are great to just scream out. First of all, the track has a theme of the unknown and going into the abyss headstrong. This makes the listener excited and the excitement is even greater when the listener can just scream "In the Wild Frontier!" before the drop. (Also, the vocal stab "Danger" reminds me of the dangerzone.)
  3. Going back to the genre, I have not heard this style a lot lately due to the over saturation in tropical house and future bass (which I love too). So, it is refreshing to hear this sound is still alive and well in 2015. It brings me back to 2010 when I was going from drum and bass to dubstep. 

Be sure to give KillSonik's remix a listen and if you think it is as bopable as I do, you can cop it for free.