Daily Track: "Sexual Healing (SNBRN Remix) by Marvin Gaye

Are you ready to hear a track that you will continue to hear all summer long at every festival? SNBRN was featured on Eat. Drink. Music. last week, but this time he is the center of attention. SNBRN has the ear for sweet house music and he knows which artists need to be revived. Marvin Gaye's classic is burned ever so nicely in this latest release from SNBRN. 

  1. Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing  has been on baby making playlists since 1982 and is an instant classic, no doubt about it. 20-somethings may not be well informed about classic RnB, but they will be sure to know this track when it is played.
  2. The track is flipped into an exciting up-beat house remix that leaves the listener wondering whether they want to dance or make love. Either way is a good time just obey local nudity laws when you hear this at EDC.
  3. SNBRN is still climbing the ranks of the ever changing EDM ladder and every remix of his is him proving himself as a producer. It is obvious that classic house music is making a comeback and SNBRN is one of the few guys who I feel have a solid grasp on the genre, just like Carl Cox.

Be sure to apply sun screen and utilize contraceptives before listening to this remix.