Daily Track: "Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

Blurryface is the latest album from the awesome duo that is Twenty One Pilots. These two dudes make some of the best music that is in my iTunes and they also put on one hell of a live show. (I held up Josh on a wooden platform as he drummed.) The track I want to highlight is Stressed Out which is an ode to what I feel everyday. The whole album doesn't promote an agenda, but rather it is a materialization of life and what we all feel. Everyone can relate to this album. It is pure gold and you bet I am going to see these two on tour for this album. It is boppable for a multitude of reasons however I am going to condense it to just three. 

  1. The song Stressed Out speaks to any 20-something that just wants to go back to the days where rent didn't need to be paid and loans didn't need taken out. We all hold on to a piece of our childhood because it is our form of escape in this crazy world. I get stressed out a lot being in school, working, producing, etc. and Twenty One Pilots have written a song with a boppable beat that explains that feeling.
  2. The album is very smart. You will notice that it is a blend of songs that speak to life's struggles while also having a manufactured, indie sound. It isn't until later in the album where you realize that Josh and Tyler are very self aware about the songs, their content, and why they are apart of the album. 
  3. The album, like every Twenty One Pilots album, is filled with songs that make you want to rage and jump off a cliff. These two do a great job at making music that is emotional and every track is a twist and turn on this emotional rollercoaster.

Check out the full album for free on Spotify and, if you like it, cop it on their store to support awesome music.