Daily Track: "A Good Ass Turtle - Trippy Turtle feat. Chance the Rapper"

What do you get when you mix an excited rapper with a trippy turtle? You get a bouncy, fun track that gets you in the mood to party and a track that also raises awareness for endangered turtles. (Win, win.)  

Today's Daily Track is one that dropped earlier this week that is a collaboration between Chance the Rapper and Trippy Turtle that was made to raise awareness for endangered sea turtles and it doubles as a boppable track to set the mood for the night. Here is why you should download this ASAP: 

  1. First and foremost, by downloading this track I feel it is safe to assume you are aware of the sea turtles and their endangered status on our planet. We are already losing the polar bears, rhinos, and tigers. Let's not loose the turtles too because that means we don't get anymore GIFs like this one
  2. For Chance, this reminds me of his spot in Skrillex's latest album, which, was phenomenal. Chance just has to yelp and I'm in the mood to fucking party. Every time he says "Work" fireworks go off in my head.  
  3. Trippy Turtle is a master of da beat no less and that is why he could make such a banging track for our dear turtle friends. He is stil pretty underground so if you haven't heard his stuff yet, seriously, check it out. Also, watch out for him on your festival lineups because spending an afternoon at Snowglobe and watching him turned out to be one of the best performances, in my opinion, of the entire festival.  

Save the turtles and check out this bouncy house of a track.