Daily Track: "Hey Now (Mike Sundius Remix) by London Grammar"

Friday is the day to turn up, but I always like starting out the day with good vibes before the craziness of the night ensues. London Grammar is an indie-pop trio from the UK that made some waves with their debut studio album If You Wait (2013). Mike Sundius, an editor for Dancing Astronaut, had an affair with the group's single Hey Now and turned it into a bassy, vibe-out track. 

  1. London Grammar has been quiet for awhile, but they should not yet be forgotten. The group came on to the scene with a unique sound and an awesome presence that leaves the listener yearning for more. I saw them at Rickshaw Stop here in San Francisco in 2013 and they killed it. I can't wait to hear what they come out with next and I am glad they were revived by Mike Sundius.
  2. Mike Sundius is one of the most knowledgeable dudes when it comes to today's EDM culture. From Dancing Astronaut alone, he is a man who can see a little into the future of music. Why is this important? This translates into his music as new sounds that come from a knowledge of the current trends of EDM which, ironically, sounds nothing like the current EDM jams! (That's what makes it so great.)
  3. The track it's self is full of refreshing chords that relax the mind and soul. I use the word "vibe" a lot in this blog because it is a great term to describe music that has a presence that engulfs the listener in a bed of sounds. It is a very existential bar that only some artists can reach.

Vibe out to the awesome sounds of London Grammar and Mike Sundius below.