Daily Track: "Desire by Argüello"

Argüello is an new artist to me, but it didn't take long for me to get behind this young producer. The dude has been killing it with his interesting futuristic, trap style. I chose to highlight his older release, Desire, because it is a good introduction as to who he is as a producer. 

  1. Mat Zo has been tweeting lately about the state of EDM and the level of craftsmanship in the music industry today. He says a lot about music needing to be weird and experimental more so that it is interesting and not made from a cookie cutter record label with a lot of money. I feel like Argüello is an artist Mat Zo would tip his hat too because he creates music that is full of new, invigorating sounds. For instance, this track features killer basslines, trap drum patterns, and jazzy instruments all in one package laced with awesome vocal samples. 
  2. The production value of this track is high and makes me envious of his style. I can tell that Argüello knows what he is doing when it comes to mixing in different elements of his track together and I really do appreciate how he can blend multiple themes into one. From jazz to trap to a vocal sample that I can't make out but it sounds great nonetheless, he makes a nice bed of sound for the listener to lay in.
  3. The cover art on this track is also another reason I chose it. It is really weird and artsy. I am not really sure what I am looking at, but it catches my eye and makes me interested in listening to a track. I always choose tracks to listen to partly based off of their cover art much like I do when I dig for vinyl at Amoeba. The cover art needs to tell a story and it appears Desire's cover art tells a fucked up story involving a sexy cat? 

Give Argüello a listen below and be sure to follow this dude. I can't wait for more originals.