Daily Track: "Kräftig EP by Mad Zach"

June 2 2015.jpg

What can I not say about Mad Zach? I can definitely say that he is weird with his music - which is why we like it. If you have never heard of Mad Zach, he is a pioneer of the craze that is finger drumming and is a homie from DJ TechTools who creates crazy soundpacks. Today I want to feature his latest mixtape which he made a mini-mix of that is perfect for a commute or boring day at work. It will transform wherever you are into a...well...different place. 

  1. Mad Zach is an aficionado of sound design and beat making. He utilizes Moog synthesizers in his work which helps him create wild basslines that get you hype while making it seem as if you are in a jungle. I can not express enough how much I am amazed by his sound design talent. Within the first thirty seconds, you will know what I am talking about. My personal favorite is around 11 minutes and 50 seconds.
  2. This is a grime and hip-hop mixtape that speaks well for itself. I don't think the general audience knows that hip-hop beat making goes beyond just being a rapper's producer. There is a market for beats and that market is filthy with da bass. This mixtape contests to being grimey while also being beautiful in sound architecture. 
  3. Like I said earlier, Mad Zach is a weird, crazy dude with his music. This is why he is also so great because he knows what to do to make things exciting and fresh. So many producers today stick to a base formula for music. You know what Mad Zach does? He explores. He experiments. The result? Awesome new music that is fat and loud. 

Explore the mixtape below and for bonus reading material check out this awesome interview from the guys at Smoothie Tunes.