Daily Track: "Walking In The Sun (Go Periscope Remix) by Teddy Geiger"

It is Monday which means it is time to get back out on the streets and start grinding. Mondays don't have to be full of melancholy which is why I would like to present your ears with Teddy Geiger's track Walking In The Sun remixed by the awesome duo that is Go Periscope. This track is a bit older, but is a piece of atmospheric gold.

  1. Teddy Geiger did not pop up on my radar until I heard this remix. So, I decided to look into the dude's career a bit. That is when I realized that I know who he is and you probably do too. He had a hit song back in 2006 titled For You I Will which was a soft rock song that made a splash in coffee shops and rom-coms. With that said, I am glad he is still making music and isn't a one hit wonder that turned into a ghost. 
  2. Go Periscope has been a favorite of mine since high school and these guys are continuing to kill it with their music. They produced some awesome mixtapes and this was one of the more rare endeavors where they turned away from a hip-hop themed remix. (Like this mashup.) What I really enjoy about this remix is that they take a soft rock artist and turn his track into a dream pop track with the rhythm of an MPC and 808 drum machine. It is just fantastic.
  3. The vocal stabs in this track are also a big selling factor for the track. Vocals can either make or break a track and Go Periscope was very smart with their vocals in this track. The vocals also sit well with their airy instruments and the field recordings in the background. Pure bliss for your ears.

Start your week of right with the remix below and be sure to explore the rest of Go Periscope's discography. They are two of the most talented musicians that go unheard.