Behind the Booth: Steve Aoki's Set-Up

Steve Aoki is one of the biggest names in the industry today. No matter what your thoughts are about him, he is an artist and DJ that rocks clubs over 300 days in a year! Serato recently got together with Aoki's manager as he explained what the decks look like for a cake-throwing performance. 

For up and coming DJs, it is important to understand how the pro's use their gear and to understand that not every set-up is crafted for every DJ. Steve Aoki could just use a flash drive with the CDJs, but he would rather use Serato DJ instead because that setup fits him.

I don't know of any other artist that controls their own visuals the same way Steve does. When you think about it, it is a pretty clever move for a DJ. This way he has the freedom to play a set in any way he wants while still having visual synced up. This is an interesting video to share and a cool insight on the more technical side of DJing.  Hopefully it gives some of you inspiration to maximize your setups!