Daily Track: "71c (Flexingtonn Edit) by Deadmau5"

Like many bedroom producers, I am a die-hard fan of Deadmau5. There are a lot of things this guy does that amazes me and sometimes (a lot of the time) make me say, "What the fuck?

I was in the epicenter for mau5 heads located at live.deadmau5.com which is Deadmau5's subscription service for streams, music, videos, photos, and whatever else he wants to give to his closest fans. On the forums of the site, I found someone has posted their trap remix of Deadmau5's 71c. I don't know much about Flexingtonn besides the fact that he represents the Connecticut chapter of the horde and that he makes very expressive trap music. As a fellow horde member, I feel it is right to share Flexingtonn's edit with all of you and how he sounds like he is on the verge of a new genre. 

  1. The original track was unofficially released on live.deadmau5.com. It is a repetitive, evolving synth loop that creates a euphoria by the end of the song (which is 9 minutes long). In typical Joel fashion, the synth programming is changed a lot to create a new sound out of a loop we have already heard from the first 32 bars of the track. It is very minimal, but powerful. If you want to check out the original track, go sign up for his subscription service. ($5 a month and you won't regret it!)
  2. Flexingtonn's edit is similar to the production style of Joel's original in the sense that he moves the track around with minimal sounds. There is not a lot of things going on here, but he manages to fill the space with heavy evolving bass lines and a crisp, trap drum loops. 
  3. I may be over reacting when I say this, but I think Flex is on to something here. The dude just made minimal trap. This reminds me a lot of tech house and how people rave to familiar loops and drum patterns all night long. Imagine a club where you bounced all night long to trap like Flexingtonn's edit of 71c. I would love to do that! This edit is genre defining and I think Flex could develop a unique repertoire around this sound. 

Check out Flexingtonn's edit on his Soundcloud below and if you want to hear Deadmau5's original, check out live.deadmau5.com