Daily Track: "Shipwrecked by Bobby Alt"

Typically the Daily Track is a current, but there comes a time when I discover an awesome piece of music that came out long ago and that piece of music is so awesome that I feel compelled to share it with the masses. Today, let's revive Bobby Alt's banger Shipwrecked and talk about what makes this bass heavy track so damn boppable!

  1. This is a well-produced bass track coming right at the end of the big spike of dubstep and electro that we saw started around 2009/2010. The track came out in 2013 and it features a hybrid of sounds from electro to dubstep to metal and it is a great example of head banging electronic music. Similar to The Glitch Mob with a little bit more of the classic electronic style we found in dance music.
  2. The track's theme of a shipwreck is incredible and it creates a great stage for each instrument in the song, especially the vocals. Throughout the track we hear vocal samples with the chorus building around the line, "Captain, have you lost your mind?!". That paints a great picture of what a shipwreck in the making would look (and possibly sound) like. Bobby Alt does a powerful job of putting you in the right mind set to enjoy/rock out to the song. 
  3. This track is a thoughtfully composed masterpiece. There is tension and release throughout the whole track. As a listener, you feel like you are watching these events unfold through face melting bass. Fucking incredible. 

Be sure to follow Bobby Alt on Soundcloud and start with his track Shipwrecked below!