Daily Track: "Momentarily by No Mana"

With big corporate labels hogging up the spotlight it sometimes becomes increasingly difficult to find new music that differentiates off the beaten path. That is why it is a good idea to follow an imprint and one of my personal favorites is Mau5trapThis label does a great job of finding artists who make out of the ordinary electronic music that doesn't sound like a Tiesto rip off. The imprint released We Are Friends: Volume 4 last week and one artist who really struck a chord with me is No Mana, with his uber boppable track Momentarily

  1. No Mana has a really unique aesthetic that is half nerdy and half rowdy. This is translated into his music as he blends melodies and basslines that make you appreciate the production quality of the music whilst being turned up to rage the night away. While that sounds typical in electronic music, No Mana does it in a way where the music still retains all of the emotion. It's not hard to write a song with some notes. The hard part is translating raw emotion into music.
  2. The production quality of the track was the first thing that caught my ears. No Mana has the arrangement locked down and he has a unique way of giving each instrument and section a chance to shine. Artists tend to just swap parts in and out where as No Mana performs more of a rhythmic blending that really gives the song life. 
  3. Besides this track, No Mana has a diversified catalog of songs that beef up his production repertoire. If you dig Momentarily enough to go look up more of his songs you won't be disappointed in what you find. 

Listen to Momentarily below and be sure to check out more of No Mana and WAF004.