Daily Track: "Indian Summer by Jai Wolf"

Jai Wolf is truly an up and coming artist who will be headlining festivals within the next year. (I guarantee that.) Now when I first came across Jai Wolf, I thought the dude could make some awesome trap music just like a lot of producers can. However, Jai was different because he wasn't following a trend. He is just about making good music, thus, explaining why Odesza's collective picked him up. He is working on some big things and has a loyal fan base to support him, me included, which is why I ask you support him by checking out his new single Indian Summer for the following reasons:

  1. Jai Wolf has been pretty quiet the past couple of months in regards to his music due to the amount of hours he has been putting into the studio. He recently tweeted, "i was really nervous about putting it out cause its so different from all my other tunes but its dope af to see all the positive reactions." He was taking a chance to make music that is different from the norm. A terrifying thing for an artist to do when the fans are used to something totally different.
  2. On another level, he is acting like a true artist. Too many producers get into this game and make beats that are just for the party. There's no emotion. That music has it's place and that is why DJs get paid the big bucks to play it. Jai Wolf is going in the opposite (better) direction of making music that is...well...Jai Wolf. This isn't trap music, this isn't twerk music. This is raw emotion that is extremely boppable.
  3. As for the track itself, it features a catchy melody with drums that make your head go up, down, sideways, and all around. Along with that, it features a powerful vocal sample with sections that make me want to close my eyes and put my hands to the sky as I sway to the beat. This song is so emotionally moving.

I have so much respect for Jai Wolf and I can't wait to see where he goes with the Foriegn Family Collective. Stream the track below and support him by buying it on iTunes. :)