Daily Track: "Shutdown (Preditah Remix) by Skepta"

June 17 2015.jpg

Grime is bad. Unless you are from the streets of London, you may not be aware of the awesome underground rap scene. Grime is one of the rawest forms of hip-hop and the beats that go into a grime production are crazy, weird, and extremely boppable. One of my favorite artists is Skepta and when I heard Preditah's remix of Shutdown, I immediately put it on the Daily Track schedule. 

  1. Right off the bat, I want to say that grime is not for everyone. It is a really raw form of hip-hop with beats that are glitchy complimented by a gnarly bassline. I am into the weird music and I think most people who read my blog know this. Just understand that this track is going to be different from what you may have heard before. 
  2. Skepta is a lyrical genius. Everything he says is poetic with a hard gangsta shell. Also, his voice is comprised of confidence with a elegant accent that has a presence which captivates the listener. Mix that with the drum machine in the background, your head will bop off your neck.
  3. As for Preditah, he gave the gangster track an uplifting tropical flip that still holds the grimey nature of the original. I particular love the house vocal samples that he sprinkles throughout the track which goes straight into a growling bass. The nature of the beat is fitting to the producer's persona. 

Educate yourself on the music from the streets of  London that is grime.