Daily Track: "Freakin' Me Out (Milk N Cookies Remix) by The Ready Set"

June 19 2015.jpg

Many moons ago I was rocking sklnny jeans, a Hot Topic tee, and blasting We The Kings' Check Yes Juliet and The Ready Sets' Love Like Woe out of my parents' speakers. Well, now I am in my early twenties and not much has changed. I still rock skinny jeans and a majority of my t-shirts are band tees. However, one band I do not follow anymore is The Ready Set. Their style is a bit too pop for me, but that is not the case with Milk N Cookies' post-bro remix of Freakin' Me Out. This commercial cookie cutter track is brought into the boppable spectrum with their awesome remix. 

  1. Okay, The Ready Set isn't bad. They serve a niche and have a certain acquired taste. I am not going to say they suck because if they truly did, they would not be producing hit records. It is not my taste of music, but I can see why people dig it. I mean, Love Like Woe was on repeat when I was a little angsty teen.
  2. That being said, the two producers that make up Milk N Cookies did an excellent job of making the track super boppable. They tagged the song as being post-bro which I can only assume means it is a mixture of future and progressive bass. Mellow yet hype. However you characterize it, there is a groove that can keep the dance floor rockin'. (It has a similar boppable coefficient as California Gurls by Katy Perry, if that helps you get a rough idea.)
  3. Lastly, the song is just a lot of fun! Throw on some shades, grab your friends, roll down the windows, and blast the remix as you are driving off into the sunset. Not every song needs to be serious and boppable. Since it is summer and I enjoy parties on the beach, I am welcoming boppable, pop remixes like this one to party to with my friends.

Relax and party to Milk N Cookies' remix of The Ready Sets' Freakin' Me Out below and if ya really dig it, you can download it for free!