Daily Track: "Neo featuring Blair De Milo by Donatachi"

Shout out to the underground today as we feature Donatachi's track Neo featuring the amazing vocals of Blair De Milo. This track is uber mellow, but don't let the smoothness fool you. This track is full of RnB vibes that are boppable for the following reasons:

  1. If Justin Timberlake smoked some weed back in 2005, the vibe would sound like Blair De Milo. (That is a compliment.) You can definitely hear a similarity in his voice however I feel Blair has a deeper presence to his voice that speaks to the lyrics and the progression of the song. He knows how to use his amazing voice to carry the listener throughout the track.
  2. Donatachi is a producer that comes from Sydney and his Soundcloud discography is full of tantalizing pop synth songs that carry some pretty funky grooves. I don't know if Donatachi produces for rappers and singers, but I can definitely see him writing a hit RnB record. That is the vibe I get from Neo. A boppable RnB hit that I would dance to like an idiot in my room, thinking I am a sex god as I imagine seducing a beautiful woman. ...I need to find a girlfriend. 
  3. Most of all. the song is very emotional and well produced. I can tell that Donatachi knows himself, his music, and the process of conveying emotion through the music. His beats are on point and his sounds aren't a Nexus preset, but rather authentic Donatachi creations. This is authentic, RnB, electronic goodness.

The track premiered today and is available as a free download on Donatachi's soundcloud below. Give it a listen and be prepared to bop that head.