Daily Track: "Who Wants to Rock feat. Riff Raff by Flux Pavilion"

Flux Pavilion is a producer who doesn't give a fuck and it is that attitude that puts me in a love-hate position with his music because no matter what his productions always come across as extremely boppable and then if Jody High Roller is put into the mix, you get the craziness that is Who Wants to RockHere's why you need to throw this track on your summer playlist:

  1. The track was teased at EDC New York last month and it was finally debuted last week on BBC 1XTRA radio. The track features the hype of the neon infused Riff Raff with the nasty signature bass line that comes with a Flux Pavilion track. That combo creates a deadly boppable concoction of bass.
  2. Riff Raff's sound and style is alien to the average listener and I firmly believe no one understands what he really means which is why we are all drawn into the verses he spits on to tracks. If Riff Raff is on the track you are about to listen to there is no preparation for what you are about to hear. YOUR EAR CANALS ARE ABOUT TO BE PENETRATED BY JODY HIGH ROLLER AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO BESIDES ENJOY THE NEON SOUNDS.
  3. Flux recently talked with UKF about his upcoming album where he said, “I have been Tweeting a lot with Riff Raff so you can assume we’ve done something together for the album.” (via UKF.com) Well, if we put two and two together, we can only assume that this is the track that Flux mentioned. Therefore, we can also conclude that his next album is going to be so boppable that there will be numerous reports of neck injuries worldwide.

Check out this low quality rip of Who Wants to Rock and be sure to be on the look out for Flux's album which is set to drop September 4th.