Daily Track: "Better Hide, Better Run feat. Mark Johns by The Glitch Mob"

The Glitch Mob is one of the most interesting groups out there right now. These guys have created a cult like following with their insane beats, awesome live shows, and incredible craftsmanship. They have been touring like crazy since the release of their sophomore album Love. Death. Immortality. Even with their busy lives, they still have been creating music and have announced a 3 song EP that is set to drop this next Tuesday, June 9th. The single, Better Hide, Better Run, is insane and extremely boppable. 

  1. This track follows the same suit as LDI with an even meaner presence about the track. As the title suggests, the drums in this track mixed with the Glitch Mob classic chords create a sense of inevitable doom that no one can escape. The track reminds me of Seven Nation Army in the sense that it makes me feel like I am walking into battle. (Walking because my enemy as no chance of escaping.)
  2. Mark Johns is a lady friend of many producers in the game such as Sweater Beats and Bearson.  She has an incredible voice that meshes well with the Glitch Mob's style. It evokes fear and it's also kinda sexy, thus hypnotizing me with every word.
  3. This fulfills my need for Glitch Mob music that has gone unquenched for awhile. The Metallica remix was great, but I need more bass and glitchy goodness. This EP came just in time.

I highly suggest you consider pre-ordering the Piece of the Indestructible EP (I did this morning!) and checking out the single Better Hide, Better Run below.