Daily Track: "traffic lights by Pools"

As I browsed my Soundcloud feed over the weekend, I came across this snippet of a gem that has the perfect vibes for the Monday grind. Pools is a mysterious producer who has ten tracks uploaded to his/her/their Soundcloud page with the longest track being a disappointingly 2 minutes and 49 seconds long. With only a Twitter and Instagram outside the profile, their isn't much we can tell about Pools except for the fact that who ever is behind it makes awesome music.

  1. By listening to Pool's Soundcloud page you will notice that their productions are very diverse yet similar. The whole discography is a mixture of chill wave, future breakbeat, and even some trap. The musician's sound is like a sped up, less depressed XX which makes it extremely boppable and emotional. There is definitely a hip-hop head influencing the beat and that can also be heard throughout the catalog.
  2. traffic lights, specifically, has a funky, additive sound that keeps the mood floating. As the title suggests, the track takes the listener on a journey, bar after bar, as if she were traveling through stoplight after stoplight. I always enjoy a beat that builds itself up and breaks itself down by the end because it sounds as if a story is being told and Pools story makes the mundane sound beautiful.  
  3. The sampling of the vocal in this track is amazing. I wouldn't characterize the drop as the sound of the track at 0:40, but when the beat hits the vocal makes that whole track bounce. Vocal samples don't have to be crazy. Pools used the sample for less than thirty seconds in the track and it was the final touch that made it that much more better.

We don't really know much about Pools. Who are they? Are they signed yet? Why not? Until we get the answers, listen to the producer's discography below.