Daily Track: "Ectoplasm feat. MUST DIE! by Eptic"

It is almost the weekend and I am starting to get super antsy about all my plans to gallivant about the city. A gallivant is only as good as one's gallivanting soundtrack so, to ensure the maximum amount of shenanigans, I am adding Eptic's track Ectoplasm feat. MUST DIE! to my playlist for the weekend. 

  1. Gnarly bass is pretty much as metal as I get being an electronic music fanatic and this song is death. While listening to Ectoplasm on a pair of shitty Skull Candy earbuds found in the bargain bin at Targét makes the track sound inferior, I assure you that if this track is thrown into a pair of subs, faces will melt.
  2. Eptic is a 19 year old dupstep producer who is ranked number 30 in the world of dubstep. (What am I doing with my career?) The Belgium prodigy has a tight grip on his productions and he comes across as a maestro of the bass. This kid has the respect of names such as Skrillex, Flux, the Foreign Beggars, and more. The only direction for this producer is up and he is going to kill it with every release. 
  3. Lastly, I have been receiving mixed views this week with every bass song that I feature on the blog. People want to hear future bass or tropical house. Someone told me recently, "Dean. Dubstep is dead." Well, gnarly bass music certainly may not be the headlining act at every frat star EDM festival but, I tell you what (Hank Hill impression), there is still a thriving bass scene around the world and I know kids across the US who rep massive and LFO filters. Bass music isn't dead. It is just stuck in incognitio and it still remains one of my favorite genres to get down too. 

Throw me the aux cord and press play on Ectoplasm featuring MUST DIE! below. If ya dig da bass, be sure to follow Eptic.

This is a track of his Immortal EP that dropped on June 29th. Pick up a copy here!