Daily Track:"Rock the Boat (Tokimonsta Flip) by Aaliyah" [Free Download]

Aaliyah remixes were wild in 2014 (and pretty much ever since then). Tokimonsta held on to this flip for awhile, but last week she decided to release it to her fans for free. This flip not only pays homage to the princess of RnB, but it also shows Tokimonsta's savage production style. 

  1. For someone to remix or flip an Aaliyah song I believe they should be in the right head space when doing so. Aaliyah was taken from us way to soon and she will forever remain an icon for females and the RnB community. Remixes have to be tasteful and this one definitely is. 
  2. Tokimonsta incorporates the beautiful voice of Aaliyah with the hard hitting sounds of an 808. This flip represents all the sexiness and power that comes with RnB.
  3. I am listening to this track on repeat as I type this post and I am in a trance listening to it. This is boppable in a way that makes me want to bounce and to get freaky. I am a mess of emotions. Thanks for that Tokimonsta.

Listen to Tokimonsta's flip of Aaliyah below and be sure to show some love to Toki's Soundcloud. She is a production goddess.