Daily Track: "Sugar by Airia"

This week has been pretty crazy with all the underground bass music so I want to take today to slow things down a bit by getting a little melodic. Today's track comes from Airia, who is a producer working out of Los Angeles that knows what's up when it comes to chopping vocal samples. I don't know if I would call this track an original but it definitely is boppable.

  1. After pressing play, the listener is immediately immersed into the main melody of the track that acts as an upper for whatever mood she happens to be in at that moment. Then, Airia gives the listener a taste of the bass with a boppable drum beat complimented by a melodic bassline that contains the groove. Sugar is a well produced piece of melodic bass. 
  2. While I have been trying to avoid remixes of Maroon 5 (for pretentious reasons) I couldn't help but give in when I heard Airia's track. He had a unique way of setting the track up while using the vocals of Sugar (the Maroon 5 track) as unique instrument. This process is then tastifully repeated with his chops of 2 On by Tinashe. Well done sir!
  3. This track sets me up poolside with the sunset fading in the distance as I laugh and drink with friends. A perfect state to be in if you ask me. 

Check out Airia's mashup track Sugar below. Be sure to give it a like on Soundcloud if ya dig!