Daily Track: "Angels feat. Saba by Chance The Rapper"

October 27 2015.jpg

Chance the Rapper killed it on the Late Show with Steve Colbert last night and along with his killer performance he dropped Angels, a feel good gem that instantly has you doing front-flips. With his new family he has been feeling pretty good lately and we can hear that in his music. Nothing but positive vibes.

  1. The lyrics express Chance's positive outlook on life and that is what we need in the world. There is a lot of crappy shit going on in the world so it is nice to hear some positive music in the mainstream.
  2. Chance goes in with this one. As per usual, the poetic lyrics get stuck in your head and all day you'll be singing the chorus. 
  3. Chance's beat production has been on another level this year and what I especially liked about this track was the steel drums on the bridge of the track. It gives me some Little Mermaid feels.

You can listen to Chance's new jam, Angels, below and be sure to download it on iTunes for free. Thanks Chance!