Daily Track: "No Way (Bassnectar Remix) by The Naked And Famous"

Electronic music is stereotyped as being an "easy" genre to play due to its programming nature and synthesized sound. However, many producers can tell you that electronic music is just as musical as any other genre. Bassnectar is one of the few artist who come to my mind when I defend electronic music in the "real music" debate. The long-haired producer treats each production as a masterpiece, carefully creating each note to fit in the song perfectly within its own unique space. Today I want to talk about his The Naked and Famous remix and why it is a boppable masterpiece. 

  1. Electronic music is something that anyone can get into but only few will ever master the art form. I see Bassnectar as one of those masters. The dude has a profound understanding of music and ever since his first compilation albums he has been defining new sounds through a sonic exploration of the electronic music world. The constant that will always be present in every Bassnectar track is uber-boppability. (I'm not covering Bassnectar to help him get more press, I honestly BELIEVE in his music.)
  2. The Naked and Famous captured my heart with the release of their album Passive Me, Aggressive You (2010). The band has one of the most unique sounds to come out of alternative rock/electronica. (They are from Australia so that makes sense. Aussies are good at the musics.) I still overplay their first album because it has so much emotion to it and five yeas later I am still finding something new with every listen.
  3. This track does not "sound" like electronic music, in the traditional sense. You won't be hearing every DJ drop it at EDC. However, it is a great blend of alternative rock with a synthesized interpretation. Read what Bassnectar had to say about the track below.

"I love the original song, and this remix is one of my favorite pieces on the mixtape. It reflects a theory that most rock music can sound considerably heavier utilizing electronic production techniques (I used big electro house kicks here, a dubstep-style sub, and had my friend Ken (Bryant, from Active Sun) re-play the guitar parts - all clean - and then I ran them through Guitar Rig and spread them out like crazy). This allows the mix to be way more full and almost bursting out at the listener, but retaining all the melodic magic from the original." - Bassnectar

Check out Bassnectar's No Way remix below and be prepared for his latest album Into The Sun which drops June 30th.