Daily Track: "EDM by Bear Grillz & Getter"

Ah, Mondays. The days where I typically sulk in the sadness that comes with the start of a new work week, but not all Mondays have to suck. Today, I want to highlight a summer favorite of mine that comes from the exotic producers, Bear Grillz  and Getter that is super filthy and boppable. Here's why you need to give it a listen to kick off your week: 

  1. While my mantra for music is "making it pretty so people can dance to it", I reserve a special place in my heart for filthy bass music. Tracks like EDM make me feel antsy with a necessary urge to rage. For something that sounds so nasty and so vile, the basslines are on point and the production is completely professional. It is like Cthulhu in a suit.
  2. Bear Grillz is a prominent artist who is signed to Fire Power Records, specializing in gnarly basslines and rage faces. This track is a good representation of the fun, crazy sound that comes from Bear Grillz. The other producer on the track is Getter (also signed to Fire Power Records) who is a well-known name in the international underground bass scene. The dude is a master behind a LFO filter and sure knows what it takes to get the people going.
  3. Lastly, it seems like every week I comment on the state of EDM culture and what electronic music really means to producers. I am probably reading too much into the track, but I feel like EDM is a representation of the EDM culture around the world where kids don't give a fuck about what the genre of music is they are listening too. They just want bass in there face, and they want it now! Maybe that is taking away from the music and commercializing the culture, but shit. Sometimes we need to drop the pretentious attitude and just bop to the beat.

Take a listen to EDM produced by Bear Grillz and Getter. Be sure to show some love by liking the track on Soundcloud and supporting Fire Power Records with a download on iTunes.