Daily Track: "Cascade by Murlo"

With this track, what caught my attention first is the cover art. Its composition is so powerful that I felt compelled to hear what the track sounded like and I was blown away. Murlo's Cascade is a mixture of old and new vibes that makes the beat as powerful as a Roman God.

  1. The old in this track is the sound of the synth progression used throughout the track. It gives off an old school vibe that reminds me of using Fruity Loops' stock sounds when I started producing in 2005. However, unlike my beats, the way Murlo uses those sounds is tasteful and invigorating. 
  2. The track also features a string section where I can hear the cover art being played out. If I were to translate the cover art into music it would sound like the strings in the bridge that sound like the soundscape for the exposition before an epic battle between to Roman Gods in the heavens.
  3. The track all in all is well produced and gets me excited for whatever I am doing. For example, I may just be sitting at my desk typing words whilst sipping my coffee, but internally I am ready to rage. 

Check out Murlo's Cascade below and be sure to check out his 'Odyssey' EP out on Mixpak Recordings on November 6th.