Daily Track: "Chase It feat. Savoi by WRLD"

It is Friday morning and I am in a wonderful, boppable mood! The sun is shining and even though I am constrained to this desk I still have that good summer feeling. To compliment my good mood, I am listening to this upcoming nu-disco release from Monstercat Records by WRLD. It is a boppable nu-disco anthem!

  1. Nu-disco was a genre that took disco into the 21st century with new synths and drums to make it more boppable than its already legendary, boppable older brother. If you haven't heard nu-disco before than shame on you sir because that means you obviously haven't listened to Madeon's album! However, that will be changed today when you listen to Chase It which is a mixture of catchy lyrics and bouncy synths that make you just want to dance.
  2. WRLD is a seventeen year old prodigy from the Netherlands who is a genuine producer that is interested in making boppable dance music. I find a lot of DJs and producers who come up wanting to just party and become a Diplo twerk master. That is all fine and dandy but I would much rather have WRLD music that has soul and passion bleeding out of every chord. That is what I find with Chase It
  3. Savoi's beautiful voice lent a hand on the track and it is what completes the song for me. Even though I am in a good mood I am still having some trouble making out the lyrics but that won't stop me from blasting this song on the bus while mumbling to the beat like an idiot.
  4. EXTRA INFO: This track is coming of WRLD's Chase It EP which is set to release on August 24th. However, you can get the track Chase It now by pre-ordering here

Check out WRLD's track Chase It featuring Savoi and get yourself in a dancey mood on the beautiful Friday!