Daily Track: "Choreograph by Gilligan Moss"

Gilligan Moss are two talented dudes who understand world and electronic music to an unbelievable degree. I saw the two perform in Brooklyn last week and I was blown away by their setup and their showmanship. They closed out their set with, what has been my favorite track all week, Choreograph. 

  1. Gilligan Moss was well known for producing house music back in the day and it wasn't until recently that the world heard the new sound of Gilligan. His music has always been left-field but his latest EP 'Ceremonial' is a blend of electronic music, pop, psych-rock, and so much more. Choreograph is a great example of Gilligan Moss' ambiguity. 
  2. What makes Choreograph such a boppable jam is the fact that you never know what genre you are listening to at any given moment. This African, worldly chant carries  the track yet it jumps from glitchy electronica to atmospheric harmonics to a climax of energy. Choreograph shows how a musician's song arrangement can move like a play with an exposition, rising action, climax, and declining action.
  3. From a gear head stand point, Gilligan Moss used nothing but analog drum machines and synths tied together with Ableton to perform. Every song was produced with the instruments of an electronic musician and not just inside Ableton with some VSTs. The sound of Choreograph is raw inspiration. 

Listen to Choreograph below and be sure to check out the rest of 'Ceremonial' on Gilligan Moss' Soundcloud below.