Daily Track: "CONFUSED by Kid Cudi"

Kid Cudi is a living legend for hip-hop and music in general. Ever since his pre-MOTM mixtapes, Cudi has been putting out music that is different and boppable. To some, it may sound weird and experimental however to fans it sounds like happiness, pain, euphoria, and suffering. Kid Cudi has been working hard recently with his new role on  Comedy Bang! Bang! and his new album 'Speedin' Bullet to Heaven'. CONFUSED is the first single off that album and it is getting me excited. 

  1. I was sitting in my friend's room when I read the tweet that Cudi sent out announcing his new track CONFUSED. Being the music junkie I am, I had to get my fix so I proceeded to shut my friend up for 3 minutes and 56 seconds so I can listen to the song in a similar fashion to tasting wine. My initial reaction was, "This is different, but it kind of sounds like WZRD." My other friend (who is actually a Cudi fan) summed it up perfectly. He said, "I'm not in love yet, but ready to hear more." 
  2. While CONFUSED does mirror the sound of his WZRD production I feel that the track is more intimate and raw. I follow Cudi somewhat religiously and I saw a tweet he posted a while back saying that this album is going to be entirely produced by him playing his guitar and other instruments with the only outside help on the album coming from Plain Pat. A man who has helped with all of Kid Cudi's studio albums and who gifted the world with his different, boppable beats.
  3. This track isn't boppable in the sense it makes my head bop. It is acutally an emotional bop. After listening to the song a few times through I start to connect with the lyrics. The chorus in particular, "Who am I? Who are we?" and "I hate the drugs, but I love the numb." I am not completely in love with 'Speedin' Bullet to Heaven' yet because of the limited listening time I have had with the album, but you bet I love the vibe and aesthetic of the direction it is going.

'Speedin' Bullet to Heaven' is set to drop sometime this year. Follow Kid Cudi on Twitter for the latest updates and listen to the first single CONFUSED below.