Daily Track: "Current Events by Mitch Murder"

Let's call today's Daily Track a Way Back Wednesday post coming from Mitch Murder's 2011 album Current Events; an album set to the wonderful, futuristic sounds of the 1980s. The whole piece is magically, boppable so let's talk about why you should cop it ASAP.

  1. Mitch Murder has a way of transporting the listener back in time with his music. Each song off this album is a different portion of the 1980s and Mitch takes us through each scene with pleasant melodies and funky basslines. It is hard enough for an artist create a cohesive album that the listener is meant to follow so, Mitch Murder took it one step further by adding the element of time.
  2. Most of the tracks on the album are chillwave by definition and even though they don't have a four to the floor beat each track still has the power of making the listener want to dance. I was burning the midnight oil last night as I finished up some work and then on my walk to the train I decided to crank In The News. Since it was 1:00am I danced and hopped to the beat as I walked down the street because not doing so would have taken some serious will power.
  3. Mitch Murder is one of my favorite producers around because of his diverse sound and attention to detail. Each little sound byte in Current Events is an audio drawing of a time when neon and pastels hung on the clothing racks as shop employees did lines of cocaine in the storage rooms. It was a beautiful time. it was a simpler time and Mitch Murder helps us reminisce.

Current Events by Mitch Murder was released on Rosso Corsa records in 2011. Check it out on Bandcamp below!