Daily Track: "Drift Away feat. Charlotte Haining by Trivecta"

August 14 2015.jpg

One of my first loves in electronic music was progressive house which is a traditional favorite among the general populous of electronic music fans. I was scrolling through my Soundcloud feed and I noticed that Monstercat records released a new track from Trivecta and upon listening to it I fell back in love with the genre. Here is why your Friday needs Drift Away featuring Charlotte Haining.

  1. The peak of my love for progressive house was in 2011 when I was scouring music blogs for the latest from Steve Aoki and trying to convince my mom to let me go to music festivals. Trivecta's track really resonates with the sound of electronic music from 2011 and the first time I listened to it I was taken back to that feeling of falling in love with a genre and I love the fact that by listening to the side-chain compression or verses of this song that I can be taken back to that time. 
  2. The track itself is a mixture of tech house and progressive house that works oddly well together. The first "drop" does not feature a sound that you would expect. Instead of the main melody layered with a progressive drum pattern we are hit with a low, bassy progression. Then we are giving what we thought we were getting in the last chorus. Trivecta executed a perfect bait and switch.
  3. The track is well produced and the vocals from Charlotte Haining are sweet to the ears. This is a perfect track to blast on your drive to dance around your room too. It is not to simple yet not to complex. It is perfect. Thank you, Trivecta, for helping me remember a time where I just ate my veggies, did my homework, and lived for the music. 

Listen to Trivecta's Drift Away below featuring Charlotte Haining and if ya dig it you can go support the music on Bandcamp.